Welcome to our new look! Fresh Bread Blog is now Quest for Quality! New name, new look, new focus with the same source, Jesus!

Take a look through the menu above to find teachings based on a topic that interests you! Here you will find encouraging and insightful devotional thoughts to help you in your Christian Faith. Here at MKM Quality, we base our concept on the essentials of human survival. Just as bread is a necessary staple food for human survival in the natural, so is God’s Word, that is written in the Bible, necessary for the thriving of your soul. Just as you cannot live off of bread alone, you must have water to drink, as our bodies are made up of over 60% water, so must we have the Holy Spirit as our teacher and guide. Bread and Water, Word and Spirit. Matthew 5:6 states “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Key words are hunger and thirst! When you are hungry and thirsty in the natural you eat and drink. The same holds true for your Spiritual survival concerning your faith. We must EAT God’s Word and DRINK from the revelation of His Holy Spirit to satisfy the hungry and thirsty places of our lives. So while you are here, we want you to do just that by reading or watching these devotionals.

Come on! Let’s feast on the “Bread of Heaven” together!  Let’s journey together and go on this Quest for Kingdom Quality life together! Let’s work to create a life that you will love and that will love you back!

Bodice Large


Myrelo (pronounced Myra-low) King is a Preacher, Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Intercessor, Spiritual Mentor, and Author. She lights up every time she crosses the path of a “hungry” soul looking for “nourishment” to make it through life so she may point them to the source of all our needs, Jesus Christ.

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